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At Farmington Gardens, we offer services that range from intricate landscape design to creative planting solutions. Whether you are looking to start from scratch and create a greenery oasis or want to fill in a gaping blank hole in your yard that could use some color, we have options to fit your specific needs.

Our landscaping services are not, however, limited to design, we offer lawn care, pruning, mulching, fertilizing, annual planting, flower bed care, as well as consultation on any projects you have in mind.



Whether you are looking for a full landscape design or just ideas to fill empty space in your yard that gets a lot of light during the day and requires low-maintenance care, we are here to assist.

While you can pop by our store any time and chat with our expert landscapers, if you are looking for a sit-down consultation to develop a comprehensive plan, here are some things to consider before your appointment.

If you have no ideas and come with a blank palette, we are happy to develop the yard of your dreams. However, if there are specific trees, flowers, bushes, or vegetables you would like in your yard, please come to us with your ideas. We can them consult on whether your desires will work in your space and add complementary landscaping around your initial thoughts.

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Landscape design is both an art and a science, and is truly one our favorite aspects of what we get to do each day. It allows us to use our creativity and extensive horticultural knowledge to turn dreams into realities.

If you are looking to overhaul your yard and want to create a colorful, welcome home entrance or a backyard that is a true extension of your living space, landscape design is the way to go.

When designing the perfect yard your preferences are our first priority. For this reason, we start by setting up an in-person consultation first. At this meeting we’ll discuss any specific plants you want to include or avoid



We deliver! If you live in the Portland Metropolitan area or would like us to deliver a gift to someone in this region, please contact us and we would be glad to assist.

Whether you are looking to send a house plant to a friend without visiting our store or you come in and pick out so much stuff, but have no way to transport it, we can easily help you out. We will transport small and large shipments. It doesn’t matter if you are landscaping your entire yard and need your trees, shrubs, grass, and flowers delivered, or just one blooming orchid, reach out to one of our garden experts and we’ll get you want you need.

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