Noted for their breathtaking displays of abundant pink blooms in the spring, these small trees will make a perfect specimen plant to bright up a landscape.

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Burgundy Hearts Eastern Redbud

Cercis canadensis ‘Greswan’

Zone: 4

25′ x 30′

Full to part sun

Forms a small rounded tree with pinkish lavender blooms, followed by reddish-purple lustrous foliage. The heart-shaped leaves hold their dark color longer in the summer, taking on reddish wine tones towards the fall.

Eastern Redbud

Cercis canadensis

Zone: 4

20′ x 25′

A wonderful small tree, whose branches are covered with light pinkish purple flowers in early spring before the leaves emerge. Great tree for small areas. Avoid wet soils.

Lavender Twist Eastern Redbud

Cercis canadensis ‘Lavender Twist’

Zone: 6

5′ x 6′

The branches of Lavender Twist are covered with purplish-pink flowers in spring, arching and weeping elegantly to form an umbrella. Heart-shaped leaves turn a clear yellow in the fall.

Pink Pom Poms Eastern Redbud

Cercis canadensis ‘Pink Pom Poms’

Zone: 6

20′ x 15′

Forms a rounded tree with upright branching habit. Dense clusters of double, bright pink blooms adorn the bare limbs, before the leaves emerge, creating a stand out display of color.

The Rising Sun Eastern Redbud

Cercis canadensis ‘JN2’

Zone: 5

12′ x 12′

Spring foliage is deep apricot-orange, maturing to yellow and then speckled lime-green in summer, only to return to its rich golden tones for autumn. Vigorous yet compact growth, Heat-tolerant and burn-resistant

Ruby Falls Eastern Redbud

Cercis canadensis ‘Ruby Falls’

Zone: 6

8′ x 6′

A breathtaking dwarf weeping-habit specimen, compact, and elegantly formed. The blooms arise before the foliage in spring, deep lavender flowers on bright red stems and bracts.

Avondale Chinese Redbud

Cercis chinensis ‘Avondale’

Zone: 6

10′ x 10′

Full to part sun

One of the most profuse flowering of all Redbuds. Very showy dark rose-purple flowers literally cover the stems of this small, sturdy branched tree. Glossy green foliage.