May 31st, 2020

And here is an awesome tip from Shannon of Urban Farm Foods, on how you can make the most out of the big, beautiful bounty of fresh herbs at our finger tips right now…

Olive oil & freshly picked garden herbs portioned into nice neat little cubes.

A great way to create a perfect flavor bomb for so many recipes!

I use everything from tarragon to spicy oregano to lemon thyme. Sometimes, I make an aromatic medley of rosemary, thyme and oregano for chicken dishes or chive bombs for a kick of onion!

The oil solidifies in the freezer and makes this herb time capsule so when you drop one in your pan to sauté it’s like you just plucked green tasty ingredients fresh from the garden.

When the cubes are solid you can pop them into freezer safe containers and have freshness at your fingertips even after the season fades.