October 22nd, 2018

Other Flowering Trees

When you think of flowering trees, cherry blossoms and dogwood trees might be the first to come to mind. But, maybe you want something more unique for your yard. If you’re looking for a flowering tree that will bring color and aroma to your neighborhood while also standing out from the crowd, we have the selection for you.


Most flowering trees are small to medium in size (6’ to 30’) and bloom in various colors in the spring. They are also deciduous, meaning they will shed their leaves in the fall and come back to live when they bloom once the freezing winter weather has passed.


Flowering trees vary in their color bloom, water and soil needs, as well as shade requirements. It’s best to consult with one of our nursery experts to determine the best tree for your yard and your gardening habits.

If you are looking for a flowering tree that will flourish in your Oregonian yard, view this list here to get an idea of options that may best meet your needs.

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