One of the coolest things about Rose is that she owns and operates an 18-acre farm in Scholls, originally homesteaded by her grandparents, and where she also grew up.

Once a thriving walnut farm, today Nutshell Forest Farm is a perennial based farm designed around a restoration agriculture model. “Our farm builds healthy soil, habitat, and community all by mimicking local ecology as much as possible.” says Rose. The farm is structured using a holistic approach in which all aspects work together to create a closed loop; thus minimizing inputs and maximizing reuse. From the current orchard growing cider apples, perry pears, blue elderberries, chestnuts, walnuts, and filberts, to the animals and beneficials residing on the farm, the ultimate goal is to create an ecologically functioning, self-sustaining farm.

A trained horticulturist with a Bachelor of Science in Ecological Landscape Management from OSU, Rose’s passion and incredible knowledge of plants, gardening and sustainability is evident in everything she does at Farmington Gardens (and she does A LOT). Rose spends much of her time at Farmington Gardens assisting customers with questions or challenges, as well as offering comprehensive answers and solutions to the hundreds of phone calls and inquiries Farmington Gardens receives every week.

“I truly love being around all the plants, seeing what’s coming in, and getting inspiration.” she says.

Rose also plays an integral part in ensuring that the informational signage and descriptions identifying all the plants and trees throughout our garden center are accurate and up to date, as well as helping to maintain and update our ever changing website. Most recently Rose took on the roll of tree and shrub buyer, and is responsible for all special orders.

“Rose is the most helpful person I know. She genuinely wants to help customers get what they need or answers to their questions,” says Michelle.

When Rose is not at Farmington Gardens, it’s likely she is hanging out at the farm with her dog Luna, grafting and propagating trees, or collecting and growing seeds.