If you are a regular customer at Farmington Gardens, chances are you already know her.

After studying horticulture and a brief stint at a local nursery, Misty started her career at Farmington Gardens nearly two decades ago as a cashier. Over the years, Misty has done pretty much everything at Farmington Gardens, and is most often the go-to person if there is any sort of challenge, dilemma, or problem. Misty is usually the one to figure it out. She does it all with a helpful attitude and ready laugh.

Whether unloading and processing a fresh shipment of plants, answering a customers’ question, or helping with all the special events Farmington Gardens does throughout the year, you’ll find Misty, wiho is both helpful and capable.

Misty, whose favorite plant is a sunflower, plants a large vegetable garden every year at home, and her son Wyatt, learning right along side her, is stepping his gardening game this year, and putting in his “own” garden. “We’ll see what makes it.” She jokes, laughing. Misty

Misty also tends to her large flock of hens, regularly bringing fresh eggs in for special customers.