Just returning from a two week trip to France and Italy with her daughter and son, Michelle shares some of her recent fun and adventure stories, while readjusting to work life again. “It was incredibly amazing and beautiful.” she says of swimming in the Mediterranean in Nice, France, definitely one of the highlights of our travels. Especially after sharing in the particularly hot “hot spell” Europe has been experiencing. 

“But it’s actually really great to be back too,” she says. “And it doesn’t hurt that I get to work in such a beautiful place everyday.”

Michelle initially got excited and involved in gardening in high school, when the mother of her boyfriend at the time had a little greenhouse, growing all sorts of flowers from seed, with a side home business of selling all the beautiful flowers she grew. “She was really cool. Her love for gardening was infectious.” she remembers fondly. “I learned a lot from her”

She first had the opportunity to professionally utilize some of the plant knowledge she had gained while working for Nordstrom. A coworker had to take a medical leave of absences for two years and Michelle filled in as “Plant Maintenance”, taking care of all the inside plants. She loved it. From there she began working for Glenn Walters Wholesale Nursery, where she was an account manager for a dozen years. Starting with smaller regional accounts, she was eventually managing accounts for huge national “box store” chains. When Glenn Walters closed their doors, she found herself out of a job. After a tip from a former coworker now working for Eshraghi, Michelle quickly found her way to Farmington Gardens. The rest is history.

Okay well maybe not exactly. Because if you ask anyone what it is exactly that Michelle does, you are bound to have different answers. That’s because Michelle does A LOT of different things. One of her key responsibilities is ensuring that all the product that is constantly coming in, is entered into the system and has  corresponding tags. And there is A LOT of product ALWAYS changing. Data entry is no small job.

And it’s certainly not her only one. On any one day, you might find her jumping in on cashiering or customer service when needed, ordering supplies like toilet paper, business cards, and staff clothing, or ensuring that there is signage throughout the garden center. She also works on different aspects of the website, special events like the Viking House, Tomato Fest, Customer Appreciation and Holiday Market and has been integral in developing all the great classes and workshops we have available at Farmington Gardens.

“One of my favorite things about my job here, is that its so versatile. I’m doing a lot of different things.” says Michelle.

“Michelle is very enthusiastic and creative and loves a challenge.” says Boss Lady Linda. “And she always has lots of laughter and smiles. She’s an excellent employee”

Co worker Stephanie also appreciates here sense of humor. “She MADE me WANT to come to work, just so I could see her smile and hear her laugh!”

Michelle likes to walk through the garden center admiring all the beauty and learning about new plants. “I love how it’s always changing–everyday, every week. I feel pretty fortunate to be here.” She particularly loves he ‘Easter Redbud’ cercis canadensis. “But it’s pretty hard to pick favorites.” she adds.

Michelle especially loves spending time with her high spirited German Shepherd Ronan (who loves to dig up her favorite plants), her neighborhood Book Club, occasional yoga, and laughing with friends. She’s still a little upset Game of Thrones is over.