Like many other Farmington Gardens employees, Kari (pronounced Car-ee) was a long-time customer and fan before joining the FG family three years ago.  You’ll most often find her cashiering in the kiosk or the gift shop, but in true small-business style, she happily jumps in helping wherever and however she is needed.

One of the coolest things about Kari, is the fact that she also has a pastry business and teaches small classes out of her home! Kari is an expert in making Lefse, the traditional Scandinavian flatbread served and eaten during the holidays.

A full-blooded Norwegian, she learned this time-honored skill from one of her grandmothers, passed it down to her children, and now loves to share it with others.  A couple weeks back, she taught a family of 6 how to make Lefse, one of them a FG customer!

“I love my job and the all the great customers who come in,” says Kari, who has lived and worked in the area her whole life.

“I’m especially appreciative of the families who bring their kids in and teach them about gardening–It’s so important to know where our food comes from!”

Kari continues to pursue her passion for gardening (this season, with some quality help from her cute one-and-a half-year-old grandson), in her good-sized yard including raised beds and a greenhouse, always learning and growing new things.

When asked what her favorite thing to grow was, she answered “Honeydew Melons!” sharing some great photos of an impressive patch from a couple years back. The Mikawa Yatsubusa Japanese Maple and the Sunset Maple are also high on her list.

Kari is hoping to travel to Norway someday soon, to see and experience the culture of her ancestors.