Even before Julie made the big move west to Oregon from Michigan a little more than a decade ago, she had already determined she would work at Farmington Gardens.

“My husband and I were looking on Craigslist for possible jobs and housing, and I came across a listing for Farmington Gardens hiring seasonal staff. I absolutely knew that’s where I would work.”

But because they arrived in May, Farmington Gardens had already completed their hiring for the season, and Julie waited and applied the following season. She interviewed with Misty (who just hit the 20 year market FG!) and owner Linda, and started soon after.

After five years cashiering, Julie, now in her 10th season, transitioned to the greenhouse, where she has been working alongside Martha, with annuals, perennials, and herbs for the last five years. “I love Farmington Gardens beyond all reason,” says Julie. “It’s not just a job, but a family all in itself. And working with Martha is the best. She knows this place inside and out.”

“Julie is the most positive person and a great coworker,” says Martha. “She’s very responsible and hard worker.”

Julie says she got her gardening genes from her grandfather Julian, who she was also named after. “When I was six, I remember him placing some pinto beans in a jar with a wet paper towel and watching them sprout. I was fascinated.” She also recalls fondly, his famous sweet peas that he grew, which she proudly carried a bouquet of, for her wedding.

Julie still loves to garden, now growing vegetables, annuals and perennials in container gardens. She especially enjoys her Buddleia, crocosmia, and primroses, and was pretty impressed with the 9′ “tower of cucumbers” her and her husband grew last year.

You can often find Julie smiling and happily working amongst the herbs (her favorite), and moonlighting as an elf during the holidays.