Still relatively new to Oregon, Jude and her family relocated to the PNW from the San Francisco Bay Area a couple years ago.

Jude, who grew up in an agricultural area of rural England, got her start taking horticulture classes at San Francisco City College, and very quickly  “got obsessed with plants”. She also spent time interning with Friends of the Urban Forest in San Francisco, who organize community street tree plantings, as well as an intern for the SF Botanical Gardens, working in the Natives and Australian sections. “Interning there really helped me develop my enthusiasm for working with native plants and other cool Mediterranean specimens.”

Jude went on to start her own company, spending more than a decade and a half designing and installing landscapes in the Bay Area. She specializes in native plant and habitat gardens, as well as water conservation gardening methods and PNW landscapes.  “I’m really looking forward to collaborating with clients and helping them create garden spaces they truly love.”

Jude especially enjoys the outdoors, road trips, and visiting national parks with her family. She also loves music, especially rock and punk from the 80s and 90s, playing ‘old-timey’ tunes on her fiddle, and is currently teaching herself to play bass with the help of YouTube tutorials. She lives with her husband, young daughter, and two Lionhead bunnies, Berry and Cherry.

Favorite plant or tree? “I love beech trees. There are huge forests of Copper Beech in England you can walk through. I couldn’t plant them in California because they need too much water, but they suit the climate here, and there are so many cool varieties!”

Any design tips for the novice gardener? “Just start with what you love. If there’s a certain plant you really like, try and cultivate it successfully. Read lots of books to help you and ask lots of questions of people that know more than you.”