January 23rd, 2020

When Cody began working at Farmington Gardens close to five years ago, he hadn’t initially planned on it becoming a career move.

He started in Support. “I was the cart boy.” he laughs. And while you still might see him wrangling carts, Cody has learned and done a ton of different things over his few years here. From customer service, cashiering, to lead support, and head of the Delivery & Install team. “And everything in between.” he adds.

“I love working here. It’s fun and I really enjoy it.” says Cody. “Planting beautiful things in people’s yards and making them happy, is one great part of my job.”

“Cody is just one those guys who can just get it done.” says Stephanie, one of his managers. “He knows how to do a lot of different things, and you can totally count on him to do a good job, and with a good attitude.” And if you’ve ever met or know Cody, it’s his positive attitude and great disposition that your remember. He always seems to be smiling and happy.

He has also put is many skills to use in various ways outside Farmington Gardens as well, including developing a side business with his girlfriend, called Sideline Wood Designs. Their beautiful and artistic custom made wooden shelving, ideal for displaying smaller objects like essential oils and air plants, he even has a booth at our Holiday Market each year.

Cody also finds time to tend to his extensive collection of approximately 25 varieties of Japanese Maples at his nearby home. His favorite is the ‘Makawa Yatsabusa.’ He also puts in a small vegetable garden with around 14 different varieties of tomatoes which he uses to make his “Amazing Salsa” that he enters in our “Salsa Contest” at “Tomato Fest” each year in September.