When you walk into the greenhouse at Farmington Gardens and see all the beautiful flowers and displays everywhere, that’s Cecy’s work.

When Cecy, short for Cecilia (also known as Martha), began working at Farmington Gardens a dozen years ago, she was completely new to the gardening and nursery industry. Fortunately, she was trained and worked along side Augie her first three years here. “He was a very strict teacher, but we had a lot of laughs,” she recalls fondly. During that period, the permanent greenhouse was not yet built at Farmington Gardens, and growing perennials was a big part of the job. Throughout the years, Cecy learned it all.

Cecy, who had moved from her home in Mexico to the United States to join her husband not long before, was also learning English and working toward earning an equivalency degree from PCC, while also busy raising her three young sons. Working hard has always been part of Cecy’s character. “That’s just how she is,” say co-worker Michelle. “She just gets it done. And she does it with a great attitude and a smile. She has an incredibly infectious personality.” 

These days, Cecy is primarily responsible for buying all the annuals, perennials and vegetables at the Farmington Rd location. “I really do enjoy my job.” she says. “When it comes to work, I tell my boys to find something that they really love to do, then it doesn’t really feel like work, or something you have to do”

Now that her kids are a bit older and able to help out more, she is finding a little more time for other things she loves doing, like reading, learning, and going to school. “I always have a huge stack of books I’m reading.” she laughs, and especially enjoys here favorite Mexican author Carlos Cuauhtemoc Sanchez. Her favorite flower is the white calla lily.

So, next time you are in the greenhouse or perusing the perennials, be sure to say hello to the lovely Cecy!