Japanese Maple Trees

The Japanese Maple is a small tree that is often less than 25’ tall with year-round appeal. With hundreds of species, there are numerous different foliage types and bark characteristics, but this deciduous tree usually emerges in green, red, purple, or a marble pattern of white, pink, and green. However, it’s in the spring and fall when the splendor takes hold and vibrant red, yellow, and maroon leaves envelop the branches.

Here are few of our favorites

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Upright Japanese Maple Trees

While the height of Japanese Maples vary, they generally can reach heights between 15-25′ tall and 20’. These are the perfect trees to use to provide ornamental interest to any size yard.

Bloodgood Japanese Maple

A vigorous, upright habit with blackish red new stems. Large deeply cut red leaves turn brighter red in fall. The iconic red upright Japanese maple to which all others are compared.

Mikawa yatsubasa Japanese Maple

Large, overlapping leaves make this maple quite unusual. Bright yellow-green new growth matures to rich green. Very striking dwarf tree.

Sango Kaku Japanese Maple

Best known for its magnificent coral-pink bark in the winter. An upright grower with medium sized light green leaves until fall when they become an apricot-orange followed by a brilliant gold. Very showy tree with a nice upright form.

Fireglow Japanese Maple

Upright maple similar to ‘Bloodgood’, but on the smaller side with brighter red fall coloration. New leaves are slightly pinker.

Oregon Sunset Japanese Maple

Large leaves round out the overall globe shape of this compact grower. Purple-red leaves begin as a soft red in spring. In fall, the leaves turn an outstanding orange-red.

Shirasawaum Autumn Moon Japanese Maple

Small, deciduous tree. Leaves have many more lobes than a palmatum, giving the leaves a rounded appearance. Foliage is burnt orange in sun; yellow in shade; and rose-orange in the fall.

Laceleaf Japanese Maple Trees

Laceleaf Maples are small dome shaped trees with a beautiful cascading habit. They average 3-4′ tall and 3-4′ wide. Making these a perfect choice as front yard focal points

Crimson Queen Laceleaf Japanese Maple

A lovely laceleaf maple with deep purple-red color and a nice cascading habit. Holds color well in heat and turns deep scarlet in fall.

Red Dragon Laceleaf Japanese Maple

A beautiful weeping laceleaf with new pinkish red leaves which mature to bright red. This cultivar holds deep red color in sun or shade, better than any other red dissectum. Rich red in fall.

Viridis Laceleaf Japanese Maple

The most common green laceleaf maple. Bright green leaves turn yellow-gold with hints of orange and red in fall. Cascading habit.

Orangeola Laceleaf Japanese Maple

Leaves emerge an orange-red then fade to dark red. Heavy shade encourages a deep green cast. It is a beautiful effect enhanced by leaves that are a bit more glossy than most of the reddish purple varieties of laceleaf. Bright red-orange in autumn in a long lasting vibrant display. Dense branches cascade nicely.

Care & Location

This tree thrives best in rich, moist soil and partial shade, however some versions perform well in full sun. When placed in the right location, this tree requires little care which is great for a more hands-off homeowner who just wants to bring some color and shade to their yard. Just ensure your tree receives enough water, keeping the soil moist in the summer. Without proper hydration, the Japanese Maple is prone to leaf scorch.