July 5th, 2020


We Install too!

Need a hedge or tree installed and don’t have time to do it yourself? Let us do the heavy lifting.

Come in and pick out your plant material and our crew will take care of the rest.

Our installation crew knows the proper planting techniques and requirements to ensure that your tree or shrub lives a long, healthy, and successful life.

Preferred days may be requested but cannot be guaranteed.

Meet Cody, our friendly plant installer.

Install Prices

Pot SizeInstall PricePot SizeInstall Price
4"$4.0020 Gallon$160.00
1 Gallon$8.0025 Gallon$200.00
2 Gallon$16.0035 Gallon$280.00
3 Gallon$24.0045 Gallon$360.00
5 Gallon$40.00100 Gallon$800.00
6 Gallon$48.0016" Box$225.00
7 Gallon$56.0024" Box$450.00
10 Gallon$80.0030" Box$600.00
15 Gallon$120.00

All qualified plant material is guaranteed for 1 year if installed by our installation team!

For a complete description of our guarantee click here


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nursery plants online