Whether you have a small apartment with no yard, or just want to add some more greenery to your life, we have the houseplant for you. And, don’t forget about the other people in your life! Indoor plants and flowers are a favorite item to share with another and some are even associated with things like luck, love, and health. Don’t know what your mom wants for Mother’s Day? We can help you pick out a lively, colorful house plant. Did a friend just move to a new place? What is better then some lush greenery to make a new home cozy and inviting?

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General Houseplant Care Tips


Houseplants prefer a soilless medium to grow in, typically a basic potting soil will do, but cacti, succulents and orchids will do better with a medium that is suited specifically for them.

Light and Temperature-

A big key to successful houseplant growing is placing them in the correct light and temperature locations. Houseplants do not like to be moved too often, so it is a good idea to place the right plant in the right place from the beginning of it’s life as part of your family.


The easiest way to kill a houseplant is over watering. Most houseplants can recover from too little water, but rarely can they recover from too being over-saturated with water. Rather than using a calendar method to water a plant, use the finger test method. Before watering, dig your finger 2″ down into the soil and check the moisture. If it is still damp, do not water, if it is dry, you can water.


Houseplants best fertilized when they are most actively growing, which is typically between March and September. We recommend fertilizing once every 1 to 3 months during the growing season. During the winter they tend to go through a rest period and do not need additional fertilizing. Fertilizers specially labeled for houseplants work best. To avoid salt build up from fertilizers, it is good to leach the pot every 4-6 months by pouring a large volume of plain water into the pot and letting it drain completely in a sink.


To get more detailed instructions on houseplant care it is best to know the exact species you have. White there are general rules to houseplants, certain species require specific environments to strive.