Location! Location! Location! Knowing your individual plants’ preference for lighting is essential to helping them survive and thrive. While some require bright or indirect light, others don’t mind the darker recesses of your home.


  • BRIGHT LIGHT means a sunny south or west-facing window that receives direct light all day. Ideally, this means a minimum of five to six hours of sunlight each day, preferably more. 
  • INDIRECT LIGHT can be found in places with an east-facing window, or an interior of a room that receives full light from a south- or west-facing window.
  • LOW LIGHT Many spaces actually qualify as low light, especially in the winter months. Rooms with north-facing or partially shaded windows would qualify as low light situations.


From Aloe to ZZ, here is a brief list of a handful of our favorite houseplants and the type of lighting they prefer.

Bright Light


Areca Palm


China Doll Plant


Crown of thorns

False Aralia

Fiddle Leaf Fig

Lady Palm

Ponytail Palm

Sago Palm

Spineless Yucca


Weeping Fig

Medium Light

African Violet

Boston Fern


Christmas Cactus

Cut-leaf Philodendron

Dragon Tree


Flamingo Flower

Nerve Plant

Norfolk Pine




Umbrella Plant

Low Light

Arrowhead Plant

Babies Tears

Birds Nest Fern

Chinese Evergreen


Heart Leaf Philodendron

Kentia Palm

Peace Lily


Rubber Tree

Sansevieria/Snake Plant

Spider Plant

ZZ Plant