Updated for the 2021 growing season

Available Spring 2021

Armstrong Gold Maple

Acer rubrum ‘JFS-KW78’

Zone: 4

40′ x 12′

Full sun

Vigorous growing tree with dense, compact, upright habit. Less leggy than parent Armstrong. Bark is silver-gray and has medium green foliage that turns golden to orange in fall.

Pacific Sunset® Maple

Acer truncatum x A. platanoides ‘Warrenred’

Zone: 4

30′ x 25′

Full sun

Medium-sized maple with glossy green foliage and a rounded canopy. Tolerant of poor and urban growing conditions. Faster growth rate then other maples.

Eastern Redbud

Cercis canadensis

Zone: 4

20′ x 25′

Full to part sun

A wonderful small, tree whose branches are covered with light pinkish purple flowers in early spring before the leaves emerge.

Chinese Dogwood

Cornus kousa chinensis

Zone: 5

20′ x 20′

Full sun to part shade

Horizontal branching pattern with heat tolerant, dark green foliage that turn shades orange to red in the fall. Forms star-shaped, long-lasting, white bracts that emerge after tree has leaved out.

Venus Dogwood

Cornus kousa x nuttallii ‘KN 30-8’

Zone: 5

15′ x 20′

Full to part shade

A vigorous upright dogwood that blooms profuse, large, white blooms in spring.

Sunburst Honey Locust

Gleditsia triacanthos ‘Suncole’

Zone: 5

30′ x 30′

Full sun

Vigorous, urban tolerant selection with bright golden new growth that matures to rich green. Fine textured foliage with yellow fall color.

American Hop-hornbeam

Ostrya virginiana

Zone: 2

35′ x 25′

Full sun to part shade

A medium sized shade tree with a rounded crown. Hop-like blooms are unique but typically unnoticed in large trees. Also commonly called Ironwood because of it’s hard wood.

Ruby Vase Persian Ironwood

Parrotia persica ‘Ruby Vase’

Zone: 5

20′ x 15′

Full sun

Forms an upright, vase shaped habit. Foliage emerges a reddish-purple maturing to a medium green. Unique, small, reddish purple flowers in winter.

Vanessa Ironwood

Parrotia persica ‘Vanessa’

Zone: 5

28′ x 14′

Full sun

Forms a tight, dense, upright habit with fine-textured foliage. Impressive fall color, ranging from orange to red.

Available Spring 2021 (Not Expected to Reach Caliper Till Fall 2021)

Bowhall Maple

Acer rubrum ‘Bowhall’

Zone: 3

40′ x 15′

Full sun

Moderate to fast growing while keeping a much more narrow habit than other red maples. Bright yellow to orange fall color.

Pyramidal European Hornbeam

Carpinus betulus ‘Fastigiata’

Zone: 4

40′ x 30′

Full sun

An attractive, columnar tree with dense branches when young, spreading into a broad cone shape with age.

Katsura Tree

Cercidiphyllum japonicum

Zone: 4

40′ x 25′

Full to part sun

Dense rounded habit with attractive heart shaped foliage. Leaves emerge maroon then turn green. Attractive smooth silver bark. Fall leaves can have a cinnamon fragrance.

Fragrant Snowbell

Styrax obassia

Zone: 5

25′ x 25′

Full to part sun

Forms a small tree with an upright, oval habit and smooth, grey bark that will exfoliate with age. Blooms many, small, drooping, bell shaped fragrant flowers with large yellow stamens.

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