There are numerous great reasons why planting and integrating PNW NATIVE PLANTS has become an increasingly popular and effective choice when looking for ways to make our landscapes and communities more sustainable.



By choosing to plant native species, we are helping create a natural wildlife habitat, thus attracting all our amazing native pollinators & beneficials. These birds, bees, butterflies and other beneficial bugs are not only beautiful and fun to watch, but help pollinate our flowers and crops, fight pests and improve our soil.



Another excellent quality of including natives in our landscaping, is that they are already well-suited and adapted to our climate and region, therefore requiring less maintenance and water. Once established, they will likely thrive with little care or the need for water, fertilizer or pesticides. This makes them even more suitable for any problem or tricky areas we may have in our landscapes. Keep in mind, that as the plant is being established (typically the first couple years) maintaining regular watering is very important.



Just like with all plants, it is critical to understand what the precise requirements each plant needs. Natives can be petite shade-loving perennials or a huge tree needing full sun. So be sure to carefully choose native plants that are specifically adapted to the particular space, soil and light conditions where they will be placed.


New to Natives? It’s likely you already have some in your yard. Even adding well-chosen native plants to parts of your landscaping will likely make a difference. One need not completely revert to an untamed, jungle-looking yard, to get the great benefits of native plants. There are many diverse PNW native choices out there that add both beauty and biodiversity to our yards and gardens.

1.) Mahonia aquifolium, Oregon Grape 2.) Iris tenax, Oregon Iris 3.) Ribes sanguineum, Red Flowering Currant 4.) Cammassia quamash, Common camas, 5.) Polystichum munitum, Western swordfern

Spring is the perfect time to plant natives, and Farmington Gardens has a great selection of PNW native plants of all varieties. At this time, a majority of our PNW native plant inventory and selection is located at our Farmington Road location.

Here is the list of PNW native plants, shrubs and trees we are carrying for the 2022 season;



  • Achillea millefolium
  • Agastache utricifolia
  • Allium Cernuum
  • Asarum hartwegii
  • Ascelias speciosa
  • Aster chilensis
  • Aster (Symphyotrichum) subspicatus
  • Cammassia quamash
  • Camassia leichtlinii ssp. Suksdorfii
  • Carex stipata – Grass
  • Carex unilateralis – Grass
  • Delphinium trolliifolium
  • Dodecatheon hendersonii*
  • Elymus glaucus
  • Erythronium oregonum
  • Festuca idahoensis
  • Festuca I. roemeri
  • Fritillaria affins
  • Geranium oregonum
  • Iris bracteata
  • Iris chrysophylla
  • Iris douglasiana
  • Iris macrosiphon
  • Iris ‘Pacific Coast Hybrids’
  • Iris tenax
  • Juncus acuminatus
  • Juncus effusus
  • Juncus patens
  • Lilium parvum
  • Lupinus rivularis
  • Mimulus cardinalis
  • Penstemon elegantulus
  • Penstemon rydbergii
  • Penstemon speciosus
  • Penstemon strictus
  • Polystichum munitum
  • Saxifraga oregana
  • Sedum oreganum
  • Sidalcea campestris
  • Sidalcea cusickii
  • Sidalcea virgata
  • Sisyrinchium californicum
  • Sisyrinchium idahoensis
  • Solidago canadensis
  • Tolmiea menziesii
  • Trillium albidum
  • Viola adunca


  • Amelanchier alnifol
  • Ceanothus thrysifloruss
  • Ceanothus gloriosus
  • Ceanothus gloriosus
  • Cercocarpus ledifoli
  • Cornus canadensis
  • Cornus sericea
  • Lonicera involucrata
  • Mahonia aquifolium
  • Malus fusca
  • Oemleria cerasiformis
  • Physocarpus capitatus
  • Potentilla fruticosa
  • Prunus emarginata
  • Rhododendron occidentale
  • Ribes aureum
  • Ribes nevadense
  • Ribes sanguineum
  • Rosa nutkana
  • Rose pisocarpa
  • Rosa woodsii
  • Rubus parviflorus
  • Salix exigua
  • Salix hookeriana
  • Salix scoulerian
  • Sambucus cearulea*
  • Sambucus racemose
  • Spiraea densiflora
  • Spierea douglasii
  • Symphoricarpos albus
  • Thuja plicata
  • Vitis californica
  • Vaccinium ovatum


  • Acer circinatum
  • Acer macrophyllum
  • Arbutus menziesii
  • Larix occidentalis
  • Pinus ponderosa
  • Pinus contorta
  • Pinus monticola
  • Populus tremuloides
  • Populus trichocarpa
  • Pseudotsuga menziesi
  • Quercus garryana
  • Rhamnus purshiana
  • Tsuga heteophyllai
  • Tsuga mertensiana