January 23rd, 2020

Fundraiser Program


Farmington gardens has supported and served our local community for over 20 years. We want to extend our efforts by inviting your group to host a fundraising shopping day. Approved groups will be assigned a day that your friends, family and group supporters can shop at our garden center. Farmington Gardens will then donate 10% of the event sales to your organization.

Anyone can participate with a valid tax ID#. 

Fundraiser guests are required to present an official flyer to the cashier. We accept flyers shown via the phone. Purchases made with a gift card are excluded from the fundraising total. Installs and deliveries will be included. Flyers cannot be distributed inside our stores or within the vicinity of our stores, including the parking lot, before or during the event.

Helpful fundraising tips.

Schedule events early. Although a minimum two week notice is required to host an event, you can schedule your fundraiser up to 3 months in advance

Get the word out. Distribute your event flyer to family and friends in person, through email and using social media. Promote the event on public bulletin boards and marquees.

Alert the press. Contact local newspapers and media who might share information on charitable events.

Encourage your guests to bring family and friends. By inviting your guests to bring one more person, you can double your donation total.

Send a reminder. A few days before your fundraiser, remind your family and friends of the event. Hearing your voice will motivate them to attend.

Don’t forget your flyer. Make sure everyone attending your event brings your event flyer with them. We also accept flyers shown on a phone. Fundraiser guests are required to present a valid fundraiser flyer with each order to receive credit. Contact Us Today and get started.

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January Garden Tips

  1. Take hard wood cuttings of deciduous trees and shrubs for propagating.
  2. Avoid walking on frosty lawns.
  3. Apply dormant spray on roses and peaches.
  4. Order seed catalogs.
  5. Force cuttings of early bloomers like forsythia, and flowering quince to remind yourself of the great things to come!

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