July 5th, 2020

While this lush beauty often has a reputation for being high-maintenance, with a few basic elements, you can create the ideal environment to make the fiddle leaf thrive!

The first consideration is light. Native to the rainforests of West Africa, the fiddle leaf needs constant bright, indirect light (at least 6 hours daily) to really flourish. Be mindful to avoid hot, direct sunlight however, which can scorch its tender leaves.

These tropical-dwellers also love humidity, preferring levels much higher than the typical home. A pebble tray, frequent misting, or a humidifier are all great ways to increase humidity levels for your ficus. Keeping the soil moderately moist–neither too wet, nor too dry is another essential factor to master. Moving your fiddle leaf around (although weekly rotating is great!), drafts, and heating ducts, are also things to avoid.