It certainly has been quite the gardening season for many of us this year. And while spring and summer are often thought of as the prime growing seasons, fall is another opportunity for us to grow quite a few cool-season favorites that prefer the milder weather.

When planting new starts or seeds in vacant areas where previous plants or crops have been growing, be sure to adequately amend the soil with compost and/or fertilizer in these spots, as the soil has been depleted of nutrients by previous crops.


Mulch and water are other important elements to consider when adding starts or seeds. Mulch helps regulate temperature extremes as well as helping retain adequate moisture for newly added baby seedlings.

So what exactly can I plant? A lot! Check out this handy Fall Planting Guide created by our landscape designer Roxy Olsson.


Some FALL VEGGIE STARTS we have been getting in may include; Beets*, Broccoli*, Brussel Sprouts, Cabbage*, Cauliflower, Celery, Collards, Kale* Leeks, Lettuce*, Onions*, Peas*, and Swiss Chard. Please Note! Availability and selection varies by day and location.

(**Indicates multiple varieties sometimes available)