Fall Vegetables

Gardening does not have to end when summer does! In the mid to late summer we bring in a variety of vegetable starts that will produce in the fall or overwinter and produce the following spring. Check out our handy Fall Starts chart below to get a better idea of what you can grow in the PNW when it starts to get cold out.

Fall Gardening Tips:

Soil: Due to excessive rain in the PNW in the fall, it is important that fall gardening beds have good drainage. Raised beds are great for fall gardening.

Starts: Because temperatures can be on the high side still when fall veggies go in, and fall veggies tend to prefer cool weather, it is necessary that they are getting adequate water, and in some cases some protection from the hot afternoon sun may be needed for optimal growth. Mulching new starts will also help retain moisture.

Frost: As frost starts to set in, it can be a good idea to add row cover or a season extender to increase your harvest time and keep more sensitive crops protected.