Camellias really are a beautiful choice for PNW yards and gardens and yards. Valued for their cold-weather blooms and glossy green foliage, camellias come in many shades and sizes, and can be used as small trees, shrubs, and can also make a colorful hedge or screen, as they are easy to espalier against a wall or fence. 


Camellias are grouped into two main types– Sasanquas and Japonicas. Although both offer long-lasting, cool-weather blooms, they vary vastly in several respects, including their hardiness, size and growth habits, as well as flower types. Depending upon the variety, camellias can thrive in either full sun or part shade.  As for soil, they like it well drained.  We recommend that you thickly mulch around them to keep their roots cool, and feed them with an acid fertilizer after blooming.


Camellia sasanqua, also known as the Winter Blooming Camellia, tends to be more spreading, with mature heights ranging from 2-3′ to 12′, depending upon cultivar. Sasanqua flowers begin opening as early as all, and well into early winter, and are usually white or pink blossoms. Flowers are typically 2-4″ in diameter, can be single or double, but are generally not fragrant. While both varieties prefer partial sun for most of the day, sasanquas can tolerate some full sun better than japonicas.


Camellia japonica, also called the Japanese Camellia, is the standard camellia that most people know. It is strongly upright, and can turn into a small tree in time. Its blooms will appear in late winter-mid spring and are usually quite large and showy. Japonica camellias are usually 6-12′ feet tall, although they can reach a height of 25′ under perfect conditions. Their leaves are also larger, usually about 4″ long, and more leathery.


Japonicas begin blooming a bit later than sasanquas, usually in late inter, although the timing can vary by variety. Japonicas have larger flowers than sasanquas, up to 5″ wide and partially or fully doubled. The flowers come in many colors, including white, pink, rose, red and mixed red and pink, and are lightly fragrant.


These lovely traditional blooming evergreen shrubs are relatively hardy, and can live happily for decades, provided conditions are ideal. We just received our biggest shipment of the season! Check out our great selection in the shade house right now!

2021 Varieties now in stock now!

  • Anacostia
  • Appleblossom
  • Bob Hope
  • Colonel Fiery
  • Coral Delight
  • Debutante
  • Glen 40′
  • Jury’s Pearl
  • Kramers Supreme
  • Kumasaka
  • Magnoliaeflora
  • Nuccios Gem
  • Pearl Maxwell
  • Pink a boo
  • Pink Parade
  • Shishi-Gashira
  • Showa no sakae
  • Silver Waves
  • Swan Lake
  • Taylor’s Perfection
  • Tom Knudsen
  • Vestito Rosso
  • White Doves
  • Winter’s Snowman
  • Yuletide