Bagged Soil


Organic Soils from Rexius. The highest quality professional grade soils. Perfect for whatever you grow.

Potting Soil 1cu ft

Potting Soil 2cu ft

Planting Compost 1.5cu ft

Garden Mulch 1.5 cu ft

Steer Plus 1.5cu ft.

Mushroom Compost 1cu ft

Top Soil 1cu ft

Hemlock Bark 2cu ft

Organic Compost 1cu ft

Organic Potting Soil w/Worm Castings 2cu ft




Malibu Compost is the only “biodynamic certified” compost on the market.

Baby Bu’s Potting Soil 1.5cu ft

Baby Bu’s Potting Soil 12 Qt

Bu’s Blend Compost 1cu ft

Bu’s Blend Compost 12 Qt

Malibu Compost Tea




The ultimate potting soil, everything your plants need in one bag. A powerful blend of premium earthworm castings, bat guano, and sea going fish and crab meal

Ocean Forest Potting Soil 1.5cu ft




Garden Lime 50lbs

Espoma Garden Lime 3lb

Hazelnut Shells Half

Hazelnut Shells Crushed