The key to growing asparagus is soil drainage. Asparagus needs deep, well-drained soil without hardpan or clay subsoil layers. Where roots are too damp when they are dormant, they die out rapidly. The best way we’ve seen a plant survive for long in heavy ground was grown in a giant, 4’ tall sand-filled box made of full plywood sheets atop the regular ground. The whole key to having a high-yielding asparagus bed is moisture and fertility during the growing season.

Care & Location

Start preparing for your asparagus in the fall. Start by digging out a 24”-wide trench that’s also about 18” deep. The row centers should be 5’ apart when planning a big planting. Neatly pile the soils beside the trench and blend in a couple inches of compost and refill the trench.

Plant in early to mid spring. The roots naturally grow in a fan shape with the crown at the center. Spread them back out in that pattern in the bottom of the trench and cover with soil. Space the crowns about 5 inches below the surface. Never let crown root tips touch each other when planting. Keep the bed well weeded and well watered.