February 19th, 2018


Tomatoes are the home gardener’s favorite vegetable, primarily because of the quality, flavor, and variety far surpasses what is available in the supermarket. Fortunately, they are not hard to grow, once you know a few basics.

Care & Location

Unless you have a greenhouse, we don’t advise planting your seedlings too soon as tomatoes are a warm-weather crop. Start after the danger of frost has passed, usually around May 15. Tomatoes have large root systems and benefit from deeply cultivated beds. Place them in the sunniest spot in your yard (ideally 8 hours of direct sun each day), pinch off the bottom two pairs of branches from seedlings, and bury them extra deep.

Tomatoes are big feeders. Give them blended organic fertilizers at planting time and periodically throughout the growing season. Also add a handful of lime to each hole at planting time to mitigate blossom end rot.

If you’re planting tomatoes, also add basil to your garden. Basil is a companion plant to tomatoes, both in the cooking and in the garden as they help each other improve disease resistance and attracting beneficial insects.

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nursery plants online