November 21st, 2017

Botanists are scientists who study plants.


Join us as we become botanists.  We’ll discover how a seed wakes up in the spring by dissecting some pumpkin seeds – both unsprouted and sprouted.
We’ll follow the life cycle of a pumpkin plant from sprout to jack-o-lantern.
Have fun getting our fingers in the soil when we conduct our own botanical experiment by planting a pumpkin patch here with both starts and seeds.                                                Which do you think will grow faster or stronger?
AND, you’ll take pumpkin plant starts and seeds home to do your own experiment in your own garden.


What: Spring Garden

When: Saturday, May 15th @10AM

Where: Farmington Gardens

21815 SW Farmington Road,

Beaverton OR 97007

Cost: $5  Please REGISTER

Phone: 503.649.4568