February 19th, 2018

Shade Trees

Shade trees are the ideal item to add to your yard before summer arrives and warm weather becomes the norm. A shade tree can help lower your electric bill by shading your roof, will provide you relief during backyard BBQs, and are large, lush plants that come in various shapes and sizes. A well-chosen shade tree is a great addition, and we’re here to help you find the perfect one. Here are a few of our favorite recommendations.


The Birch tree is a beautiful and versatile tree, very pest and disease resistance, and will tolerate moist areas. The best one for shade is the Himalayan White Birch, but other popular versions also include the European White Birch and Japanese White Birch.


This very popular tree is valued for its rich fall color which blooms in shades of yellow, orange, red, and purple, however the various species differ. The Moraine variety is cold hardy with dark green foliage while the Worplesdon has more intricate leaf details and turns orange and purple in fall. Most Sweetgum trees top out at around 40’ to 45’ tall and 35’ wide.

Pacific Sunset Maple

This is a great medium-sized shade tree with beautiful green foliage in spring and yellow-orange to bright red leaves in fall. This particular maple averages around 30’ tall and grows at a moderate pace. A very popular selection for street tree.

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nursery plants online