February 19th, 2018

Ornamental Grasses

Ornamental grasses have long been the workhorses of the garden. They are used for screens, borders, and structural beauty. The past several years have brought a lot of attention to the toughness and versatility of these plants, and many new varieties are being introduced yearly. Here are some varieties we often carry.


Excellent selection for pond and stream edges. Love boggy soil. Great for stabilizing soil to prevent erosion.


Creates a stunning vertical effect. Thrives in wet soils and tolerates drier conditions as well.


Sedge grass is evergreen most of the time. Tolerates sun or shady areas and adds stunning color and texture.

Cortaderia – Pampass grass

This stunner is well known for their beautiful plumes in Summer.

Festuca – Fescue

Evergreen mounds of color make great additions to any dry areas like rock gardens and slopes. Great winter color.

Juncus – Common Rush

Great water garden accent and helps to prevent soil erosion near wet banks. Dies back to the ground in winter.

Hakonechloa –Japanese Forest Grass

Graceful and colorful low growing grass. Wonderful addition to containers and shady areas.

Imperata – Japanese Blood Grass

This spreading ornamental grass creates a spectacular effect of color and movement.

Miscanthus – Maiden Grass

Miscanthus displays stunning lush plumes and arching foliage. Very drought tolerance.

Panicum – Switch Grass

Wonderful accent or screen grass, perfect for water gardens and naturalized areas.

Pennisetum – Fountain Grass

Most popular of all the ornamental grasses with it’s showy plumes. Does well in containers and mass plantings.

Ophiopogon  – Mondo Grass

So many great uses for this versatile stunner. Tolerates sun or shade and a variety of soil conditions. Great addition to any style garden.

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nursery plants online