February 19th, 2018


Lilacs are an old-fashioned favorite still cherished by many gardeners for their wonderful flower display and fragrance. Many people have memories of a particular lilac from their childhood, and lilacs are becoming more and more popular again as people see them around and get a sense of nostalgia as the smells and colors bring back old memories. Whether they were a part of your grandmother’s garden, or you simply love the fragrance, lilacs will liven and brighten up your garden.


All lilacs will have a standard pyramid shaped cluster composed of small flowers. The difference will be in bloom color, flower composition, and general appearance. In bloom type, they will be labeled as single, double, or triple. The single flower is the traditional type, with a single set of petals per flower. Doubles and triples have an increasingly larger number of petals, giving them a fuller, more intricate appearance. As for color, lilacs can range anywhere from white to red to purple, and occasionally a yellow color. All lilacs will be fragrant to a certain degree. The single lilacs will be the most fragrant, the doubles and triples will be less so.

Where to Plant

Be sure to give lilacs plenty of room to grow. Choose a site that gets plenty of sun; a little bit of shade is acceptable, but the more sun the better. Try to keep your lilac out of really high wind areas as this can damage the foliage and possibly knock over a larger specimen, as they are not deep rooters.

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nursery plants online