February 19th, 2018


Garlic is a common seasoning to add to your garden as it’s so regularly used when cooking. If you are thinking about growing your own garlic this year, here are some planting tips you’ll want to know before making your final decision.

Care & Location

Garlic survives bitterly cold winters underground, grows rapidly when the weather warms in spring, and bulbs in summer. For this reason, it’s essential to plant 4 to 6 weeks before the ground freezes, usually in October.

To plant, break the bulb into individual cloves and plant the largest ones. Then, place then 1 to 4 inches (depending how harsh your winter season is) and mulch lightly. In spring, the garlic will have no trouble pushing through an inch of mulch. It’s recommend you provide cloves at least 4x8 inches of space, with 6x12 inches as the optimal distance.

Begin moderate fertilization as soon as spring arrives. Organic gardeners can side-dress a little chicken manure, seed meal, or strong compost. Garlic also likes high-nitrogen foliar fertilizer sprayed every 10 days to 2 weeks.

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nursery plants online