February 19th, 2018

Garden Buddies 2018

Garden Buddies is a fun and interactive way to connect kids to nature.
Jenny leads kids through hands on activities and projects that are not only educational but super fun too!

Classes are every second Saturday of the month

10:00 AM – 11:00 AM

Cost $5.00   Please register for each class

February 10th

Terrariums and Photosynthesis

It might be cold and rainy outside… but that doesn’t mean we can’t enjoy some indoor gardening! Let’s energize our green thumbs by learning all of a plants needs and make some terrific terrariums together.


March 10th

Springtime Rainbows and Flowers

Springtime showers and sunshine make eye-catching rainbows in the sky and brilliant shows of flowers blooming from the ground.

Discover the science behind rainbows and flower bulbs as we create rainbows of our own and paint a flower pot to grow our bulbs in.


April 14th

Pollinators & Pollination

Have you ever wondered exactly why bees and other bugs are buzzing around flowers all the time?

Find out why these bugs like flowers so much and why it’s so good for flowers (and for you) that they do! We’ll make a Mason Bee home to set up in your own backyard to attract these peaceful pollinators and we’ll hang one by our strawberry patch here at Farmington Gardens.




May 12th

Vegetable Gardening for Kids

Gardening is a fantastic way for kids to get inspired and learn about the world around them.

We are going to investigate how our vegetable plants grow and what they need to produce a bountiful harvest. Then we’ll get our hands dirty as we plant our vegetable beds together here in the Garden Buddies garden at Farmington Gardens.





June 9th

Birds in the Garden

We are going to get to know the beautiful birds that visit our backyards! Which ones eat seeds? Which ones eat bugs? We’re going to find out. Then we’ll build our own cedar bird feeders!






July 14th

Butterflies in the Garden

Flutter by butterfly! We’ve all heard of the Monarch Butterfly, but what butterfly is in my backyard?

We are going to learn all about butterflies that spend their summers here and how we can make them welcome in our gardens. Then we’ll make a butterfly identification book and a butterfly mosaic puddler.







August 14th

Summertime Garden Art

Nature will be our inspiration as we explore different art forms in the gardens!

We’ll paint with flowers, use vegetables for print making, capture the colors of the sun and lots more. And, of course, we’ll play some fun outdoor water games!






September 8th

Apple Fun

We are going to learn all about apple trees. Then we get to make some delicious apple treats, press apple cider (with a real apple press), and make a cookbook to take home.








October 13th

Water Cycles and Rain Gauges

Now that the seasons are changing and we can start to expect some rainy days….let’s have some fun!

We are going to become hydrologists and learn all about rain and the water cycle. We’ll make rain gauges to take home and learn to measure how much rain we’re getting in our backyards.