January 18th, 2018


Landscape design is both an art and a science, and is truly one our favorite aspects of what we get to do each day. It allows us to use our creativity and extensive horticultural knowledge to turn dreams into realities.

If you are looking to overhaul your yard and want to create a colorful, welcome home entrance or a backyard that is a true extension of your living space, landscape design is the way to go.

When designing the perfect yard your preferences are our first priority. For this reason, we start by setting up an in-person consultation first. At this meeting we’ll discuss any specific plants you want to include or avoid, sun or shading concerns, permanent structures (house, deck, pool) to work around, and much more. Since this meeting is to gain as much useful information about your specific situation as possible, we also ask, if available, to bring pictures of (a) the area you want to landscape and (b) ideas you’ve seen that you like. For more details, visit our page on consultation.

Next, we’ll construct a rendering of your potential landscape design and go over each of the plants that will be included, as well as any additional elements you may have wanted to add like a walking path, fountain, or pond. If you have any requested changes, this is the time for last minute thoughts as our plan and budget will soon be finalized.

Finally, once everything is approved, we’ll go ahead and turn your personalized design into reality.

nursery plants online
nursery plants online