February 19th, 2018

Cut Flowers

Bouquets of cut flowers are a source of great pleasure to many gardeners, and their friends. While the majority of perennials can be used for cutting, we focus on those that are long-lasting once cut.

Much of the success of cut flowers depends on how they are harvested. Remember to cut blooms during the coolest part of the day, in the early morning. We recommend taking a bucket of water into the garden and immediately placing your cut flowers in up to their necks as some flowers begin to seal over the cut almost immediately, which will definitely shorten the lifespan of the flower in the vase.

Put the bucket in a cool place and let the flowers have a long drink before arranging them. Leaves below the water line should be removed, and woody stems should be crushed at the base. Most flowers benefit from having the stems recut under water as they are arranged.

Change water daily. A plant needs its flowers only to set seed and cutting them will not weaken the plant – it may even make it stronger. Leaves are needed for the plant’s survival, so cut these sparingly, leaving at least two-thirds of the leaves on the plant.

nursery plants online
nursery plants online