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Stumped on how to fill in your garden beds, or overwhelmed by your options? Or maybe you just want some general advice on maintaining your garden? A consultation at your residence can provide you with the necessary steps to move forward. It is also the first step provided with our design service, and can help advise you on whether a design or just planting suggestions is right for you and your budget.

Taking a closer look at the site conditions, wildlife use, as well as discussing client preferences and desired functions, are all essential aspects in making the best decisions when it comes to planting the right thing in the right place, and avoiding difficulties in the future. Farmington Garden’s consultation service provides well thought out recommendations and detailed observation, backed by a wealth of knowledge that will help guide you back on track towards a lush and healthy garden for you to enjoy.

What should I expect from a consultation?

When we arrive on site, we will take the first few minutes to walk the property and discuss your concerns, preferences, site history, and how to best reach your end goals. Then we will take any necessary measurements, photos for record, and look closer at your soil. Afterwards, we will assess the information we’ve gathered to then provide you with a written summary and/or comprehensive plant list tailored to reach your individual goals.

What will a consultation cost me?

Consultations are $100 as a flat fee for the first hour, and then $50 for every half hour after that. The average suburban home typically takes only an hour and a half at most. What you are receiving, however, is a comprehensive guide to avoid making costly mistakes down the road while also setting you on a path to achieve to the goals and functions you desire with the least amount of effort. We are here to help you work with the opportunities your landscape has to offer.

Receive 10% off your suggested consult plant material list with the minimum purchase of $500.00
• Discount applied to first time purchase, see our rewards program for other discounts and benefits.

The discount only applies to plant materials included on the final quote provided by consult. For more information please email design@farmingtongardens.com or 503-649-4568

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