February 19th, 2018


The arrival of blueberry season in the Northwest is always a highly anticipated event. Those little berries pack many health benefits and are very versatile. For those of you who want to have fresh berries from your own yard, blueberries are simple to grow, and are one of the most productive fruits for the space you give them.

Blueberries are fairly self-sufficient, but a little care goes a long way in improving performance. First of all, adequate water during the growing season will enhance fruit production and overall health. An acidic fertilizer should be used in late spring, but go easy as blueberries dislike heavy fertilizing. Add mulch around the plant every once in awhile to conserve moisture and add organic matter in the root area. This can make a lot of difference because blueberries are very shallowly rooted.

Blueberries like a sunny site, and well-drained soil rich in organic material. If you can’t find a good spot, raised beds work very well. Plant blueberries in groups to allow for good cross-pollination. Some of the smaller self-fertile types like Sunshine Blue can be planted by themselves in the ground or in containers.

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nursery plants online