Apples are a favorite fruit among many, so it’s no surprise that apple trees are a desired addition to Oregon landscapes. There are many varieties of apples that grow well in the Oregon region, so here are some things to note when deciding if an apple tree is right for you.

First, is there a specific apple tree you want or would you prefer apples during a specific season/ Apples, as you may know, ripen during the early fall season, but some varieties are ready to consume by early September, while others you have to wait six weeks or more into late October.

If you want fruit soon after planting you may want to choose a mature tree to replant in your yard. While this might be less rewarding than starting with seedlings, you won’t have to wait the two to ten years it can take for apple trees to bear fruit.

Note also that most apple trees thrive best in soil with a pH of 6 to 7, so test your soil and make any needed adjustments to achieve the optimal acidity for your trees. You’ll also want to space your trees between 5 to 40 feet apart so ensure you have the land required for this spacious species. Some varieties are also more resistant to pests, so check with one of our experts, especially if you are looking to add apple trees that will take the least amount of time to care for.